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BKAM TRVEL is a Travel agency Morocco created by passionate professionals.

With our expertise in tourism, our desire to reach our clients’ high expectations along with our dedication, we offer a wide range of services that will certainly cover your needs.

We want to offer you innovative, efficient and personalized services.Our offer is a range of comprehensive services.
Our desire is to add the little extra you need.

Since its creation, BKAM TRAVEL Tangier has gained considerable experience in different aspects.

Why trust us ?

Important factors should consider

Satisfaction guaranteed

 Our team’s manly goal is to focus on the satisfaction of the client’s needs and desires. We respect your wishes and we work restlessly to deliver the most perfectly tailored services possible.


We offer both programmed tours and tailored ones. Our wide variety of destinations will allow you to choose from the world’s top destination and Morocco’s best hidden gems.


When choosing our services, we offer you a 24/7 assistance. Our team will answer your questions, help you and guide you with the necessary information whenever you need them.


We offer you tickets for the ferries, cruises and airplanes without stressing over the availability.


In addition to our carefully programmed circuits, we offer you the possibility of tailoring new ones that are 100% made for you.


We offer a wide range of vehicles for your personalized tours and transfers, and rental cars for your holidays.


We make sure we book you with the most suitable accommodations. Hotels, Riads and guests houses are all possible for you to experience with us.

BKAM TRAVEL AGENCY Tangier Morocco include visa related procedure and processes. for more info contact us
212 6 60 85 99 19

Our team

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

This is what I wanted to have all the way; a friendly and understanding team. My trip to Morocco could not been better thanks to them. They have provided everything I asked for and more. LOVE THE PEOPLE!
Maria Swartzki
Manager, R & B Group
I chose this company based on a friend’s recommendation and I was really impressed. Their programs are really well put together and their itinerary is enjoyable.
Teresa Henry
Manager, R & B Group
I wanted to combine two continents in one trip, and since my first stop was Morocco, I decided to go to a local agency and see what they had to offer and it was a great decision.
Martina Henks
Manager, R & B Group
They help me while being in Morocco and abroad thanks to their connections. I felt so safe and at ease and I really enjoyed their company.
Martina Henks
Manager, R & B Group

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